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Cecilee Vanderboch

Fitness Coach & Chief Willer

I wish I had the time…I wish I had the drive…I wish I had the guidance…I wish… 

What do you “wish” for?  Back in October 2016, I wished for a change of routine. I wished the extra weight that crept up on me in my late 40s would disappear. I wished I had a specific program to follow, especially with meal planning.  I wished for a challenge… 

The answer to my many wishes was Beachbody. Beachbody is a series of at home workouts that range from beginner to moderate to (WAY) advanced, and quite simply, the best workouts I have ever done.  Beachbody programs also include easy-to-follow meal guides, with detailed instructions on prep, planning and shopping.  In addition, there are a wide variety of supplements available, including Shakeology, a delicious nutritional shake that is an important component to the success of the workout programs. However, one of the most important factors to Beachbody is your Coach.  Your Coach is not a personal trainer or nutritionist.  Your Coach simply supports you, motivates you, helps you navigate through the different Beachbody programs, and is included for free when purchasing Beachbody products.

Through Beachbody, I dropped
15 pounds and found the support and challenge I needed. Shakeology became an important part of my life as well.  Through my success, my husband, Len, found his drive and lost an astounding 40 pounds through Beachbody’s MMA boxing workout & program, including drinking Shakeology and changing his eating habits based on the meal guides. 

I decided to help others reach their fitness potential by becoming an Independent Beachbody CoachAs your Coach, I will get you started on a path to reach your success, and I will introduce you to Beachbody's philosophy of combining personal will with community support. The cost is minimal compared to a gym membership, and hundreds and hundreds less than a personal trainer (which I spent a LOT OF money on over the years with a fraction of the results).  

To find out more, please email me at startwilling@gmail.com or send me a message below. Let me help you stop wishing and start willing your way to better fitness.‚Äč